Have you tried USDA Certified Organic Honey as a natural skin care remedy for Vitiligo?

Honey – Natural Home Remedy for Vitiligo

Vitiligo are chalk-white spots, streaks, and patches of skin and hair where normal pigmentation has been lost due to destruction of the melanocytes, or pigment cells. Once the melanocytes are destroyed, no more melanin, or pigment, is made in these areas.

Honey is one of the most accessible, simple and effective home remedies for vitiligo.  Anyone who suffers from this skin condition should make use of this natural home remedy to get healthy and smooth skin. There are 2 methods to use honey as a natural remedy for vitiligo, but experts recommend that you should apply both of them at the same time for the best results. 

The first way is that you should take 1 or more tablespoons of honey every day. You need to remember that you should use organic honey rather than processed honey because it contains a larger amount of minerals and vitamins. The second one is that you can use honey as a topical medication. You can apply honey on the affected parts of your body and leave it on between 30 minutes – 1 hour. Medical experts encourage people to rinse it off of the body only with warm water because if you use soap, it will remove the necessary nutrients from the skin and leave your skin irritated and dry.

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