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We sell a unique collection of USDA certified organic skin care products. As a Los Angeles-based boutique, we incorporate the culture and style of the city into our mix. Over the past two decades our selections have evolved to become a diverse assortment of USDA certified organic face foods that are not only nutritious but are proven to fight blemishes and dryness, leaving skin looking younger.


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Known benefits of USDA certified organic skin care is the absence of chemicals and synthetic materials which are deemed undesirable for the human skin and general health. But there are more rewards of organic skin care. A significant benefit is that with organic skin care, numerous skin problems can be averted. The natural skin is genetically capable of resisting a lot of wear and tear, but it is the use of harsh products that contributes to the vulnerability of the skin to wrinkles, aging and many other skin problems over time. When you adopt organic skin care, you are not only attending to your skin in a much more holistic manner but you are also averting the adverse impacts of nonorganic products. Thus, you can enjoy a more glowing, wrinkle free, spotless and lively skin for many more years than what you would have normally expected. Shop Blu Skin Care today!