Fall 2018/2019 Makeup Trends! Always use USDA certified organic products when possible!

#1. Peachy Pink Blush

Forget the deep bronze of the summer, girls – the fall 2018 makeup trends are all about peachey taupe shades. In keeping with the natural mood of the season, designers gently warmed up models’ faces with earthy tones.

#2. Low-Key Contour

After too many all-nighters, bold contouring was finally put to bed for the fall/ winter 2018-2019 makeup trends. With one key exception. Barely perceptible and endlessly strategic, contour appeared in its most subtlest manifestation on the runways.

#3. Pale Foundation

Fair-skinned beauties go through a bit of a beating in the summer months. In their quest for the perfect glow they end up in one of two camps: hopelessly toasted or self-tan streaked beyond recognition.

The fall 2018 makeup trends offer solace for these gals. This season, models embraced their natural skin tones, with pale and beige shades of foundation cropping up on all the major shows

#4. No-Makeup Makeup

Minimalists unite! Barely there, or not-there-at-all makeup is back with a force this season. The no-makeup look is about as easy as you can get when it comes to beauty. Simply shower, moisturize, and head out the door.

#5. Black Eyeliner

Since the days of Cleopatra black eyeliner, or kohl, if you will, has been as consistent a go-to as you can get in the beauty world. Black eyeliner is the red lipstick of the peepers and for good reason.

by Emma Kansiz