What does a beauty blender and microwave have in common?


When law student Julianna Asouzu revealed it was possible to clean your beauty blender with a microwave, I for one was skeptical.  But you know what, it actually works. 

The blenders transformed with just a blitz in the household appliance, and yes, I'm just as shocked as you. 

The 19-year-old student shared the video on Twitter telling people that she had attempted to clean her beauty blender in the microwave after seeing a video on Instagram.

She explained that she'd placed her dirty beauty blenders in a plastic cup of hot water and dishwashing liquid, which she then microwaved for one minute. 

“Guys all my beauty blenders are clean. Before this they were all brown. I saw it on Insta,” she explained. “I basically put them all in this cup and I put them in the microwave for one minute and all this came out.” So, here's another tried and proved beauty hack.