Is there such a thing as organic nail polish?

Organic nail polish sounds like a great idea doesn't it? But, sorry it doesn't exist.

Why There Isn't Organic Nail Polish

If you are trying to find a safer, more natural nail polish,  we can help you. 

  • Organic standards do not exist for nail polish.

  • Synthetic ingredients like plastic polymers are used to bind the color to the nails. Even the safest, water based formulas use them. It would be wrong to claim that a product is organic if it contains synthetic ingredients.

  • Nail polish has to stand up to everyday wear and so far no organic or natural ingredients can do the job. This is one product that at least for now has to be made with synthetic ingredients.


Choosing a Safer Nail Polish

So you now know that there is no such thing as organic nail polish and that you will have to have synthetic ingredients in your nail polish, the key to finding the safest ones are to look for brands that do not contain what is often referred to as the big three:

  • Toulene
  • Formaldehyde
  • Dibutyl Phthalate


These are ingredients found in many of the most popular brands of nail polish that are not as safe as acetate or acetone. You now have two ways to go when buying nail polish solvent or water based formulas.

Solvent Based Nail Polish

These polish formulas use safer chemicals like acetate or acetone. You may find these brands do not wear quite as well as some conventional brands but you are trading a little better wear for a safer product. These formulas dry quickly and provide a durable finish. They smell and act very similar to conventional polishes.