How To Choose The Right Mascara!

Are you still struggling trying to decide which mascara is good for you? You're not alone. Here's how to find one that's right for you. 

Step 1

Buy a mascara that look good to you. Pick them based on their objective (i.e, lengthening, volumizing), color, and brand. Try to use brands you've heard of before and have heard to be reputable.

Step 2

Use one at a time. Check for clumping, a gross smell, any irritation, or other turn-offs. Be sure that it doesn't crumble after a few hours. 

Step 3

Try primer mascaras. These prime your eyelashes for mascara to stick to your lashes, and not crumble onto your face.

Step 4

Read reviews from makeup artists, friends, and relatives. Many makeup gurus on YouTube post video reviews of mascaras they like and don't like.

Step 5

Avoid mascara advertisements and reviews that the reviewer was paid to do. These ads may be stretching the truth, and many models used in advertisements wear fake lashes to add the appearance that the mascara works very well.