Is it your foundation that's breaking you out or....

Many of us have heard over and over again "skip the foundation if you have acne." Hummmm! Is it the makeup that's breaking us out or something else?

According to, the nasty bacteria living on dirty makeup brushes could cause zits to form. And the only way to get rid of it...drum roll to CLEAN THEM! LOL!

It's really simple. Here's how:

1.) Fill a bowl with warm water. Place the brushes inside and soak to get all the gook off. 

2.) Use a gentle cleansing bar or liquid soap.

3.) Work in the cleanser. Don't forget to concentrate on the center of the brush.

4.) Rinse with warm water.

5.) Apply a hair conditioner.

6.) Rinse with cool water.

7.) Lay brushes flat on towel until thoroughly dry.