Why I don't like wearing makeup!

I know I know. "Zondra, you don't like wearing makeup?" NO"! LOL!  I knew I needed to share it with you. We’re at a point in time where wearing or not wearing makeup is suddenly controversial. If a woman loves to wear a lot of makeup, there is a group of other women screaming, “You don’t need makeup to be beautiful!” If a woman wears no makeup, there is a group out there saying, “You’re a woman! Put on some makeup! It’s almost like you can’t win. 

I don't particularly like wearing makeup. Not because I don't believe that I look absolutely gorgeous when I wear it. I don't like wearing makeup because of the hassle! It's simply too much work for me. I love having beautiful skin. This is one of the reasons I started Blu Skin Care. USDA Certified Organic products are absolutely the solution to fabulous skin. Not only are they nutritious for your skin, they can help fight the effects of aging. It's a win win situation.

But just because I don't like wearing makeup doesn’t mean I judge the people who do. To me, makeup is a choice. Want to wear it? Great! Don’t want to wear it? Great! Only want to wear a little or wear it sometimes? Okay! Who cares? I think we make way too big of a deal out of it. Do I think it’s sad that some girls only feel good with makeup on? Well....No, not really. Different things make people feel good about themselves, and who says it can’t be makeup?

With that being said, I’m interested in hearing why you choose not to wear makeup, because I’m so used to hearing why they do want to wear it.

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