Skills I Learned From Corporate America!


I worked as an account executive for 7 years in corporate america before starting Blu Skin Care, LLC. Blu manufactures and distributes usda certified organic skin care products. Some of the most valuable lessons that I learned were “getting the job done”, “getting past the gate-keeper” and “selling myself”.  In corporate america, there were no excuses as to why a project wasn’t completed. You were penalized, end of story! The same rings true in self-employment. If you aren’t focused and tenacious enough to get things done, nobody else will..ultimately being penalized.  The years of experience working inside of a really big company has been invaluable in helping me get past the “gate-keeper”. Corporate america is known for spending countless hours on training to help employees master the skill of "cold-calling” which ultimately will get you past the "gate-keeper."  Finally, "selling yourself" is a must. As anyone in a start-up can attest to, is that you have to sell yourself before getting to the next step. People do business with people they like.