Tips on Goal-Setting!

Setting goals are the easy part, sticking to them is something else. God has given each of us visions/dreams. It’s naturally implanted in our hearts. First, write them down. Set a deadline. This makes them visible. Then pray and meditate. After you’ve prayed and still feel the urge to move forward, then pray again with a like-minded community. Your community usually isn’t emotionally attached to your visions and may hear God’s answer clearly. Now, you’re all prayed up and ready to execute your goals. Like anything else in life with execution comes set-backs. Don’t let this stop you. It’s all part of the process. Make sure you plan ahead. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. As a former Account Executive, I use to be very uncomfortable asking clients for money. As the CEO of Blu Skin Care (Blu manufacturers and distributes usda certified organic skin care products), I ask consumers for money all the time and am comfortable doing it, because I believe in my vision. The beauty about having a God-inspired vision is that it’s something that you feel led to do with ease and no worry.  Remember, you’ve prayed and God has given you the green-light to move forward. Fear and doubt are a part of the process too. Keep pushing. Remember, you prayed and God has opened that door for you. It’s up to you to walk through it.