7 Sure Ways to Beat The Heat! Skincare tips for men!


 Summer can be so cruel to your skin if you don't take care of it. Follow these suggestions to make sure your skin shines as bright as the sun, even in the scorching heat. 

*Sunscreen: Leaving the house in the summer without using sunscreen is sin. Look for a sunscreen which is oil free and at least has a SPF of 30. Apply it every two hours when outside. "Men who don't use sunscreen run the risk of getting sun damage, which results in redness and irritation" says dermatologist Kanchan Mehra. Sunscreen also helps in keeping the skin looking young.

*Cleansing: Due to humidity, skin tends to get oily. Clean your face at least twice a day with a cleanser or face wash. However, try to go as chemical-free as possible. "You can opt for homemade cleansers, like a paste made with raw milk, ripe mashed banana with few drops of lemon or orange juice. Cleansing mix made with fresh aloe vera pulp/juice mixed with lemon juice is another good cleanser to open pores and flush out toxins from skin," says beauty expert Richa Aggarwal.

*Eat healthy: You must have heard that you are what you eat. This may sound cliché, but it's true that your skin is impacted by your diet and the lifestyle choices you make. Avoid oily, fried food. Get your glow with proteins, Vitamin A and C. "A glass of yogurt smoothie with fruits such as strawberries and apple is a great way to start your day," says Mehra.  

Make the right lifestyle choices for healthy skin. 

*Moisturise: Moisturising your face is a summer essential for good skin. It keeps your skin hyrdated and fresh, and also prevents wrinkles and laugh lines. For natural hydration, use cucumber and tomato juice, which also helps in lightening blemishes and tanning. 

*Toner: Spending time out in summer means your skin comes in contact with various pollutants. The pollutants and grime impact our skin's ability to stay elastic. The benefit of using a toner is that it keeps the skin firm and clear. It also helps in reducing the risk of ingrown hairs after shaving. 

*Exfoliate: Exfoliation removes dead skin cells on your skin that are a result of exposure to sun and grime. "Exfoliate twice a week if you have oily skin and once a week if you have dry skin. This will reduce ingrown hair and leave the skin fresh," says skin expert Naresh Arora.

*After shave: Your skin is prone to damage after shaving, so use aftershaves. Instead of aftershave creams, use aftershave balms that deal with skin damage, restore lost moisture, reduce sensitivity and soothe skin. Also use rose water to calm irritated skin.

If you follow these quick and easy steps, you're on your way to beautiful and blemish free skin. Enjoy your summer and stay safe.