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We sell a unique collection of USDA certified organic skin care products. As a Los Angeles-based boutique, we incorporate the culture and style of the city into our mix. Over the past two decades our selections have evolved to become a diverse assortment of USDA certified organic face foods that are not only nutritious but are proven to fight blemishes and dryness, leaving skin looking younger.



Many of us know that we should remove eye makeup at night before we go to sleep. Leaving eye makeup on overnight can lead to eye irritation and puffiness andpossibly even eye infections. But it is especially important that you remove eye makeup properly and with the safest method for your eye health. “Don't Block the Tears”! You want to make sure that the tear ducts are not blocked. The meibomian glands that line the eyelids, contribute to producing oils to tear film. Tear film helps keep tears from evaporating too quickly, which could lead to dry eye syndrome and other problems. Tears keep the eyes clean and healthy and contain enzymes that destroy certain bacteria that can harm the eyes. How To Unblock The Tear Ducks? Pick the right eye make-up remover, like Blu Skin Care’s USDA Certified "Organic Almond-Eye Make-Up Remover”. 

To Use: Be sure to keep your eyes closed before gently wiping off the makeup. Moisten a cotton pad/ball. Make sure the remover is held over the closed eye for a few seconds to allow it to work to dissolve the makeup. Don't drag the tissue or cotton pad along the eyes. The skin in the eye area is very thin and pulling and tugging of the skin can lead to wrinkles and fine lines. Wipe the eyelid with gentle downward movements and across the lash line, then gently sweep upward along the front of the top eyelashes. For the bottom lashes, dampen the end of a cotton swab with makeup remover and gently role it under the lashes to remove the remaining makeup. If necessary, wipe the eyelids and lashes a second time.